Letter to H E Siao-Yue Chang from Chairman of Group

11 August 2009

As Chairman of the British-Taiwan All-Party Parliamentary Group, I have followed closely the impact of the recent typhoon on Taiwan and on neighbouring countries and, clearly, I am horrified by what has happened.
I express my condolences to the families of those killed or injured and I express my deep concern about the devastating damage to the property and infrastructure of Taiwan.
I have viewed with horror images of the collapse of a hotel whose foundations were undermined by this flooding and the fact that, in addition to dozens of deaths, many hundreds are still missing as a result of the mudslide.
I know that all members of the British-Taiwan All-Party Group join me in sending this message of support and concern.

Sir Nicholas Winterton DL MP

Lord Faulkner steps down as co-chairman of Group

Following his appointment as a minister in the Government whips' office, Lord Faulkner of Worcester has stood down as co-chairman of the group. Sir Nicholas Winterton continues as Chairman of the Group.

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Visa requirements relaxed from March 2009

"We have also concluded that Taiwan presents a low migration risk and we will be lifting the visitor visa requirement for Taiwan passport holders coming to the UK for less than six months, and who are not seeking to work. This will take effect from 3 March."

See Hansard entry

Parliamentary Delegation to Taiwan - January 2009

Several members of the All-Party Parliamentary British-Taiwanese Group have just returned from a visit to Taiwan. The delegation was led by Lord Faulkner of Worcester, co-chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group. See news release from the Office of the President of ROC (Taiwan)

Above are official photographs from the Presidential Office in Taipei.

Below can be seen more informal images taken during the visit.